Premium quality lump charcoal, processed from 100% mesquite or oak wood, just like the restaurants use. Mesquite Charcoal available in 40 pound and 8 pound bags. Oak Charcoal available in 40 pound and 20 pound bags.

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Mesquite Lump Charcoal
Made from 100% mesquite wood. Burns hottest. Faint mesquite flavor.  ..
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Nature Glo Charcoal
Made from American Oak and Hickory Hardwood with no additional ingredients. Great for both high a..
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Oak Lump Charcoal
Made from 100% oak wood. Great for smoking. Hot heat, but no flavor.  ..
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Premium Hardwood Charcoal Briquets (Mesquite)
Royal Oak Mesquite charcoal briquets are made of premium hardwood with Mesquite for extra flavor...
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Ridge Charcoal Briquets
Unique ridge shape design that delivers better airflow. Ready to cook in 15 minutes. Special ridg..
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